Driveway gate openers

Our driveway gate openers can come with a range of accessories for every automatic gate opener. some examples are remotes, fingerprint access, push button, wireless keypads and coming soon facial recognition.

Sliding Gate openers

Our sliding gates are predominately used on residential properties. The automatic sliding gate openers have a fast start and slow stop. cruising speed is 230mm a sec so you gate opens super fast with the electric sliding gate opener.

Swing gate Openers

Our  swing gate openers suit farm gates, residential gates and industrial gates up to 500kg capacity. The openers can be electric or solar. Our swing openers work on max 5.0m gate.

All our solar gates openers are a DIY  and as a service  we can also provide an installation service. Email us pics of your gate opening or gate and tell us the size and we will supply a gate opener to suit your needs.

Service  or installation  Calls

Our service team is available to assist you with any installation problems you may have with your own install.

Our team also in selected areas provides an installation service.

Are you looking for Automatic electric driven gates? We have the solution for you. With best set of driveway gates, we have emerged as the most reputed gate supplier in Australia.


Know more about automatic gates: electric gates are classified as hydraulic and electromechanical gates. These two are further divided into many parts as arm opener, underground opener etc. With help of wireless transmitter, they can be operated as swinging or sliding mode. If you opt for low voltage automatic gate opener then it will also work with solar power. Hydraulic gates are not easy to handle without expert.


Swing gates work simply like regular gates. It uses Jacksrew piston to operate through arms. Sliding gates move with help of wheel in either direction. In America chain styled gate while in Europe metal rack styled gate is popular. Sliding gates are used for the front gate because it used to be heavy. Barrier gates are also option but they are not for use at house or industrial property. For traffic controls, barrier gates are mostly used. Tiger teeth gate system is also popular nowadays.


When it comes to automatic electric gates then safety is the concern always. Gate comes in 12V, 24V, 120V, 230V operators. Nowadays gates are smart as they are able to detect obstacles properly. P certificate and machinery directives EN12453 are the regular concerning gates. All conformity is to be done by the installer whether it be individual or company. It is a calculation that when gate starts opening then force of 2000N and at end force of 500N maximum should be employed. All protocols should be properly met so that gates should be safe for all.


Safety devices should be also used for proper function of gates. Photo beams, In ground loops, Get edges monitoring device etc should be used. These automatic gates can be controlled in many possible ways such as GSM systems, digital keypads, Transmitters, timers, intercom etc.