Gate Opener

Gate openers come in two types. Swing gate opener or a sliding gate opener. We can supply the gate, driveway gate opener the fences and the opener with security intercoms, locks and a ton of different gate opener accessories for your security and peace of mind..

Swing Gate Openers


swing gate openers
swing gate openers
swing gate opener

Sliding Gate Openers


sliding gate openers
sliding gate
sliding gate opener


A variety of homes have a long way from the house to the gate. A licensed electrician would be cost prohibitive so a solar opener makes a cost effective solution to an automatic gate opener on your property.

Most residential city homes decide on 240v gate openers but its purely a cost comparison to see what it would cost for an electricain compared to the additional cost of a solar panel and most customers choose the solar panel…because they can install it themselves.


Why pick a swing gate…well it depends on your access. No good having a 4m gate swing in when you only have a front yard of 4m. Which is why most city residential properties choose to go with a sliding gate. The sliding gate still has the option of 240v and a solar panel.