In the last few years, there is huge demand of automatic gates in entire Australia. Why to hire security guards when you can buy a secure gate that will operate without extra charges too. As per your requirements, you can select gate whichever suits you. Nowadays installation of gates is also quite easy as there is no need of any trained professional to carry the process. You just need to go through the manual or videos whichever provided by company.


These automatic sliding gates are capable of producing very high level of force so you should carefully use it rather than considering it like normal gates. You can select your gate from single swing gates, medium duty sliding gates and heavy duty gates. Normal package of automatic gate openers consist of battery box, control board, remote button, AC transformer, installation manual and DVD.


When it comes to automatic gates then three options are available to work on, namely automatic sliding gate, automatic swing gate and automatic dual gates. Sliding gates are preferred over the rest two because of its various features. This is also a trend in real estate market of USA that house owners install gates before selling their property to enjoy better price. Sliding gates are considered to be the safest amongst all which are available in market. Battery backup system works even when there is no power supply from back-side.


Dual gates are mainly used for small space and everything in the set up is two not one namely two operators, two control boards, two transmitters, two photocells, two receivers etc. Now we will try to list out, what are benefits of installing a sliding automatic gate? Here we go:

    • Proper functionality
    • Security: nowadays various secure options have come through which you can operate. Gate will detect any unauthorized opening itself through various means. Camera and biometric things are used for the person detection.
    • Ease of usage: you don’t have to use your force to open gate. No need to come out of vehicle when you are driving, now you can go directly inside car garage without coming out of car.

What are different factors which should be monitored while opting for sliding gate opener?

  • Check size of gate
  • Amongst sliding gates, there are many types so you should check carefully all the things.
  • Which operator, you are going to get for your gate?
  • Last but not the least, you will have to check price too.
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