Our automatic sliding gate openers will do a 8m gate with 500kgs weight.

They have  adjustable automatic obstruction sensors.Auto close features and a standard kit includes the hardware, 6m of rack, and 2 remotes.

Our automatic gate will fit any residential or industrial property and has either option of an electric gate opener or a solar gate opener.

Price is $500 and a solar option is $550 average delivery price is $50 Australia wide but call or email for a confirmed price.

Optional Kit is shown in pic:

Motor, 6m rack, hardware, 3 remotes and 2 sensors. Cost is $560  delivered.

sliding gate opener

This is the most common type of automatic gate opener. This type of gates is mainly used for the front doors because it provides extra safety features. From chain style to rack, all are popular globally. Gate comes with different operation voltages from range of 12V to 230 V. There are many protocols, which need to be followed so that gate should operate safely. Most of the time, installer forgets about the checklist with the loops. Read about loop functionalities here: sliding gate openers have four type of loops namely exit, safety, shadow and entry. Exit loop is mainly for emergency exit, when tripped gate opens. This loop is placed at least 5 feet away from the main gate. Safety loop is for cases when gate is closing and something still passing. It can be set to be auto tripped. Shadow loop is used for big gates only.