Swing gate Openers suit every application from farms, controlling livestock or residential properties and even factory units. The automatic gate opener means you dont have to get out of the car when its raining and with a gate lock its high security features protect your family and your pets.

These automatic gate openers have stainless steel housings, look great and come with a variety of access options, push buttons, fingerprint, wireless keypads and many more options.

Gate opener
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Motor Length

Weight of each gate leaf

Max Width of gate

Open width

Waterproof rating







gate opener

This is the most common style automatic gate and mainly used for small or inner gates. Gate can swing inside or outside as your regular doors do. Entire installation can be set near to main gate only because it is easy to set in compare to swinging gates. Functionality is mostly Jackscrew piston based. Gates are available in various volts but make sure it should follow all regulations. There are many possible ways to control these gates like intercom, Wi-Fi, digital keypads, mobile phones, wireless, transmitters etc. Various software implementation gates have also come which are smart and works perfect in emergency cases. Loops can be set near to gate so there is nothing to worry for operation. Entire installation should be done only by experts.